Miranda in Our Community

December's giving opportunity

Dec 25, 2020

I wanted to share with you what I had the honor of being a part of over the month of December. Partnered with Connect church, we were able to donate 17 backpacks filled with goodies, necessities, games, soaps and g/c's to Sanctum group. We delivered the backpacks on the afternoon of Christmas eve.

Sanctum Care group provides care to those affected by HIV/AIDS here in our city with dignity and respect all in a non-judgmental way.

Here is a pic of all the pre-made backpacks ready for delivery!

H E L L O..

Nov 10, 2020

It's been an interesting year to say the least and I hope that all of you tuning into this are doing well.. or as best as you can be when you are turning the corner of a 8 month pandemic with no changes in sight.

In our home, we have turned to each other for comfort and support and my 3 littles have truly taken to each other to play with in the long days. They have been blessed to be back at school, so that is a nice routine in their worlds and friendships in their classrooms are a great reminder of normalcy.

With obvious restrictions at the Ronald MacDonald house I found myself baking a lot more in our home. Levi and Isaiah do adore joining in on the fun and I'm sure are enjoying it! I have also been running a free Baking class through the Lakeview community association for kids aged 5-10. We bake every 2nd Monday and it has been such a joy seeing their smiling faces through Zoom. We are so lucky to have technology to enjoy the fun activities while staying home safely.

Another way I have been out and about is through our awesome church Connect! This is a fascinating non denominational church that has grown in our families hearts throughout the past 4 years. Darren took on a huge role and it's hard not to join along when it's for such a great empire. Connect is a church like no other that focuses on Connecting to God, connecting to Others and connecting to a Cause. These things are all up my alley and my kiddos ask all the time 'is it church yet?' It is held at the Roxy theater on Sundays at 10 am or always available online live.

With the loving Connect family we have been able to donate over 500 pairs of socks throughout our city as the weather changes, were able to donate $4400 to an orphanage in Cambodia who cares for orphans, elderly women and mothers with HIV as well as other charities.

Throughout November our focus has been the Friendship Inn. We have organized a group to serve lunches each and every Saturday for the month and have organized a nice collection of food and goods to drop off each week. We will not let Covid-19 get in the way of serving our very own community.

We are all in this together

Oh Moms... where would we be without you??

May 12, 2019

This is such a special occasion to me, it always has been but what an extra special blessing to now be a part of the Mothers day crew to be celebrated.

As I grow older I realise this day is likely harder on people than it is joyful. The loss of a mother, a child, the inability to have a child and the list continues on. The reminders are constant and the joy taken away.

If you were as lucky to spend the day with your Mother as I was, consider yourself Blessed. These are woman we often take for granted and we must remember to thank them throughout the year for all they do for us.

I know my mother is an outstanding woman with the biggest heart! Anyone who knows her will agree with me. She is selfless, loving, giving and always putting others first. Thank you for years of patience, loving, understanding and support.

To the warrior moms tending to their sick children I salute you... you are strong, amazing and doing a fantastic job! Nothing you are doing is unappreciated. Holding it all together for your child in their time of need has got to be one of the hardest jobs, while shedding your tears in your own pillow at night. SO much love to you today and throughout the year.

Hoppy Easter to the kiddos and families at the Ronald MacDonald House

Apr 21, 2019

I was told that the Easter bunny found his way over to the families at the Ronald MacDonald House and did not disappoint!

Nothing like the Easter bunnies originals from his own factory, but I'm sure these treats were enjoyed as well.

Share your Easter Eggs CONTEST TIME

Apr 21, 2019

The rules were simple and the results.... stunning!
We hosted a contest of the best decorated Easter eggs and the results came in so closely that we had to stretch it into 2 prizes! Hey the more chocolate the merrier am I right?

Congrats to Jill Henry and the Buckoski crew on their winnings!!! Thank you to ALL for participating!

What a beautiful world it would be...

Mar 1, 2019

... if people had hearts like dogs :)

With no real theme to go off of this month, we chose to bring love into the Ronald Macdonald House with these adorably decorated puppies.

A dog is a bundle of pure love, gift-wrapped in fur
- Andrea Lochen

Share My Name Referral Program

Jan 1, 2019

Throughout my career, a large portion of my clients have been derived from referrals from clients and friends like you. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding then when I hear that someone went out of their way to pass my name along to a friend or family member. In the large pool of Saskatoon Realtors I am honoured each and everytime someone chooses to work with me.

A referral IS the GREATEST compliment you can give and to show how much I appreciate your trust and confidence in my work I want to Thank You by introducing my new ‘Share my name referral program’

How it works:

Anytime I find out that you shared my name with a friend, acquaintance, associate or anyone really your name will be entered into 1 of 4 draws which will be awarded throughout the year. Please ask them to name drop you so that I can do so This also goes for social media, simply share my posts and you will be entered for each share!

In turn:
If that referral ends up using me to buy or sell a property you will also be gifted an individualized gift (each valued at $200) to show just how thankful I am to have worked with great people like you


Sugar and spice and everything nice

Feb 14, 2019

There is something about the month of February that just fills the air with love! Far too often we find ourselves taking the people closest to us for granted and under appreciating all it is we have.

A big one of these is our health. We have it, we appreciate it, but not enough until someone falls sick and that is when we Really appreciate it!

To all those who have been handed a slight change in health - we send our love to you especially today. When those people are mini people; we send them our love plus we bake them heart filled cookies and treats!

Sweet holiday cheer at the Ronald MacDonald house

Dec 16, 2018

This years December baking was a bit sweeter than a normal baking session with my family. After some recent family health concerns it was that much greater having all members together again to bake on such a loving occasion.

Thank you to the staff at Ronald MacDonald house for always accommodating us and allowing us into your home. We have enjoyed this year so much and hope to continue this spread of sugar and spice for years and years to come.

Here is a small preview into our Christmas creations.

Lest we forget

Nov 11, 2018

It's amazing to me how we take such things like driving ourselves to work, having education at our finger tips, living in safe and warm communities and so much more for granted.

We are a country where freedom of rights is expected, there is equality everywhere you turn and our 'big news' stories are so small in comparison with what is going on throughout the world. This didn't just happen overnight and far too often we do not stop to think why this is.

Many many fathers of young children bid fairwell to their young children to fight for our freedom - so that I can enjoy safe walks in my city with my small children.
Many many sacrifices have been given so that we have more then we need. Lest we forget

Thank you everyone who had a hand in creating this wonderful country we live in today.

Results of Our 2018 Purse Drive!

Oct 30, 2018

I am humbled and amazed by Saskatoons generosity!

We have a WINNER!!

Oct 1, 2018

So many amazing entries!! But there can only be one winner and I was in pure Awe when I received this entry from Hendrix, who believe it or not is only 4 years old. His mommy said he worked on it here and there for 7 days and I can tell!

Way to go Hendrix and we hope you enjoy the treats on your vacation you get to take this week!!

Thank you everyone for participating!!!

Fall Colouring Contest time!!!

Sep 30, 2018

Contact me today for your entry forms!
Each and every one of your children is welcome to enter. The deadline is September 30th to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE!

As the weather cools, the baking warms the air

Sep 7, 2018

This month you will never believe how I spent my time in the community?!?

Ok, you're good and guessed it!!
The Ronald MacDonald House!! I'm not going to lie, I love it there! There was just a recent posting for a job position open up and to be honest I was tempted to pull out a resume and apply. Actually who am I kidding; I would have to first google -how to write a resume (as I have not had the need for one in over 13 years!) I thought to myself "imagine getting paid to be there? that would be amazing!". But then I remembered that I actually get the best of both worlds in that I get to do the job I love most by helping families in finding homes while getting to bake there once a month with that warm welcome feeling. So having said that I will still be your Realtor with the perks of visiting my friends at the Ronald MacDonald House at least once a month ;0)

Have a peak at what we baked up for our 'Fall themed' baking last weekend!

Purse Drive!

Sep 1, 2018

I will be running this event throughout September and am looking for your participation!

We all deserve a purse.. each and every one of us!

I will be collecting your extra purses that are lightly used and you no longer need. In turn I will be filling them with the essentials
* Tampons
* Lypsols
* Water
* Change
* Pens
* Hand sanitizers, etc

And then I will be delivering them throughout the city!
If you feel you can help in any way or have a purse to donate contact me today and I will pickup!

Beating the heat

Aug 11, 2018

With the 40 degree weather outside we decided to beat the heat with these cute Beach bum bears and teeny tiny ice cream cones.

Treats for everyone at the Ronald Macdonald house!
We hope your stay is minimal and with a happy ending nearing soon!!

Fathers, grandpas, step dads, uncles and role models alike

May 6, 2019

YOU deserve to be celebrated and honoured today!
You have been there to love, support, have worked so hard and deserve to be celebrated!

Thank you for everything!!!

I can't imagine the difficulties the 'dads' at the Ronald MacDonald House are encountering and know that they pour their heart and soul into their families. Whether its long days at the hospital or the torn days of needing to be at work while your child is in care... you are loved. Your hard work and dedication is acknowledged and your child loves you more then you will ever know.

Happy Easter to those in the Ronald MacDonald House

Mar 31, 2018

You may be as shocked as we were to hear that all 34 rooms in the Ronald MacDonald home were FULL plus there was a 10 family wait list to get in!!

Needless to say we decided to pull up our sleeves and do a few more treats to fill the beliies of the litttles in the house and came up with these!

If you've ever considered volunteering in an amazing establishment I would highly recommend this one. As we worked away in the kitchen to make tasty treats other volunteers lined the kids up with their eggs to decorate. There was a ton of smiles that day and a whole lotta love

Miranda's 1st Colouring contest!!

Feb 14, 2018

With great excitement I surprised this cutie Isabella with the grand prize for 1st place. We had our 1st ever colouring contest this Valentine's day and it was a great success. Lots of talent amongst these kiddos. Way to go Isabella and stay tuned for our next contest!!!

Happy Valentine day to the sweetest kids in the city!!

Feb 14, 2018

It's not Valentine's Day without a little bit of homemade and a lot of sugar!!! These sweets turned out just adorably and I'm sure won't last long. Wishing you all a day filled with love in any shape or form.

Take on the -30 with some warm cinnamon buns

Jan 14, 2017

This month we started the year off with some delicious comfort food. We didn't leave without trying them lets just say that!!

6 dozen pecan cinnamon buns and tons of.. you guessed it.. carrot cake delights

Oh Christmas Tree... Oh Christmas Tree

Dec 20, 2017

What a hard time of year amongst many, to have a child staying in the hospital. I imagine there is no feeling of Christmas, not much hope and very little Joy.

We baked over 15 dozen Christmas themed cookies in hopes of bringing perhaps a small glimmer of Christmas into these families lives and a wee bit of sugar ;0)

From our home to their community home,
A very Merry Christmas

*Also the crew rocking their new RMH Aprons!

Lunches at the Lighthouse

Nov 3, 2017

Many people in our city depend on meals served at the Lighthouse and a little bit of shelter and warmth that is offered Monday and Friday evenings where dinner is open to the public.

Darren and I were honoured to serve up some hot stew and warm a few tummies. We are not able however to take the credit for making the delicious stew and will give credit to where credit is deserved - Way to go Dave!!

Lots of volunteer opportunities at the Lighthouse!!

Remebering those who fought for our Freedom

Nov 11, 2017

They gave their lives ... so we could live ours

Taking time to Remember , Reflect and give back

Community Grocer

Nov 15, 2017

Through our church Darren and I donate groceries monthly to the children at the Crisis Nursery. They are always in need of fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins and pantry items. If you feel the need to donate contact me today!!

'what is the Crisis Nursery?'-

The Saskatoon Crisis Nursery is a home away from home whose families are experiencing a crisis.

When families are in crisis and parents/caregivers have nowhere to turn, the Crisis Nursery offers a 24/7, 365 day a year safe haven where children aged 0-12 years can take a break from stressful situations, and are given nurturing care while their parents receive the help they need.

Isn't this amazing?!! I have heard that last year the home housed over 1600 children!!! This is a place many people have never even heard of and has such an impact on these amazing kids lives!! If you feel like learning more about it I can put you in contact with a few faces who know all about it!

Flip Flops and Summer smores!

Aug 1, 2017

Bringing some fun summer love to the Ronald MacDonald house!


May 13, 2017

The NICU has had a huge impact on me and my family throughout the years. The love these doctors and nurses provide should never go unnoticed. Undeniably caring for these precious lives, during the first few days of life would be the hardest job in the world.

I have been given an amazing opportunity to give back to all the people who work in this facility by being a committee member of Bloom https://bloomnicu.com/

If you are ever interested in getting involved, donating or joining the evening of the event let me know and I will make it happen!

Happy Fathers day!

May 17, 2017

To all the hard working dads, grand dads, uncles and bros out there! We thank you for being you and wish you a wonderful day! To all dads with sick kids today - we wish you an especially happier day then normal
Ronald MacDonald house

Hoppy Easter

Apr 10, 2017

The Easter bunny made a mess of the carrot garden at the Ronald MacDonald house and took off running!
Always so much fun doing what we love most for the teeny tiny hands at the Ronald MacDonald house

Happy Mothers day!!

May 13, 2017

In the Ronald MacDonald home they do not like to specify who is celebrated on mothers day as families become a great group of people and community is felt throughout. So happy 'everyone who is an inspiration, who shares love and light, hope and help' day.

Trying to share our love and hope with the kids and their families by creating cheese cakes and cinnamon buns... and no better people to do it with then my mom herself and my beautiful sisters who are such loving moms as well.

Happy 'Love day'

Feb 14, 2017

What better way to spread some love then with sugar??
We sweetened the home with some heart shaped cookies, chocolate squares and cupcakes :)


Feb 15, 2016

In honour of my father in law 'Pops' our family made and served a dinner for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. This is a wonderful program called home for dinner... which allows families with kids in the hospital the freedom of enjoying a warm comfort meal without having to worry about a thing. This program is available to work groups, friends, families or anyone who wants to help! !!

Huge Success!

Oct 20, 2016

Wow thank you so much everyone for your generous donations!! I am SO amazed!!!!
Many many smiles to come from these kiddos receiving toys for all ages.

Toy Drive!

Jan 15, 2016

Darren, Levi, myself and friends of ours; Jeremiah and Dana will be running a toy drive Saturday January 16th, 2016. Should you have any new, gently used and clean toys kicking around your home, we would be happy picking them up from you and in turn helping you to get your home uncluttered. These will be given to Open Door Society and will be used in the homes of the newly arrived Syrian refugees. Our hope is that these children can have a bit of distraction from the terrible living conditions they have been experiencing and a bit of hope into their new home, Saskatoon.
Please message myself at mirandaardell@outlook.com should you wish to donate or call or text my cell phone 306.291.9213 for pickup.
We are already amazed by the input and our basement has a growing pile of beautiful toys ready to bring smiles to these children. Thank you again for your generosity and please stay tuned for photos of the day!!
-The Ardells and The Palmers