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As the weather cools, the baking warms the air

This month you will never believe how I spent my time in the community?!?

Ok, you're good and guessed it!!

The Ronald MacDonald House!! I'm not going to lie, I love it there! There was just a recent posting for a job position open up and to be honest I was tempted to pull out a resume and apply. Actually who am I kidding; I would have to first google -how to write a resume (as I have not had the need for one in over 13 years!) I thought to myself "imagine getting paid to be there? that would be amazing!". But then I remembered that I actually get the best of both worlds in that I get to do the job I love most by helping families in finding homes while getting to bake there once a month with that warm welcome feeling. So having said that I will still be your Realtor with the perks of visiting my friends at the Ronald MacDonald House at least once a month ;0)

Have a peak at what we baked up for our 'Fall themed' baking last weekend!

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