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Community Grocer

Through our church Darren and I donate groceries monthly to the children at the Crisis Nursery. They are always in need of fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins and pantry items. If you feel the need to donate contact me today!!

'what is the Crisis Nursery?'-

The Saskatoon Crisis Nursery is a home away from home whose families are experiencing a crisis.

When families are in crisis and parents/caregivers have nowhere to turn, the Crisis Nursery offers a 24/7, 365 day a year safe haven where children aged 0-12 years can take a break from stressful situations, and are given nurturing care while their parents receive the help they need.

Isn't this amazing?!! I have heard that last year the home housed over 1600 children!!! This is a place many people have never even heard of and has such an impact on these amazing kids lives!! If you feel like learning more about it I can put you in contact with a few faces who know all about it!

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