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Share My Name Referral Program

Throughout my career, a large portion of my clients have been derived from referrals from clients and friends like you. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding then when I hear that someone went out of their way to pass my name along to a friend or family member. In the large pool of Saskatoon Realtors I am honoured each and everytime someone chooses to work with me.

A referral IS the GREATEST compliment you can give and to show how much I appreciate your trust and confidence in my work I want to Thank You by introducing my new ‘Share my name referral program’

How it works:

Anytime I find out that you shared my name with a friend, acquaintance, associate or anyone really your name will be entered into 1 of 4 draws which will be awarded throughout the year. Please ask them to name drop you so that I can do so This also goes for social media, simply share my posts and you will be entered for each share!

In turn:

If that referral ends up using me to buy or sell a property you will also be gifted an individualized gift (each valued at $200) to show just how thankful I am to have worked with great people like you


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